3 ESD Valve models

Electric Pneumatic Manual

The ESD Valves come in a variety of sizes and actuation methods. All the valves are machined from billet aluminum and can be customized to meet any need. Each valve is hard anodized to prevent corrosion.

We’ve tried to make ordering our valves easy by simply adding the type of actuator suffix to the size you need.


Actuation Type

MC = Manual Cable
EA = Electric Actuation (12v or 24v)
PA = Pneumatic Actuation

SizeTypeModel Number
1 ¾” Manual Cable 175 MC
1 ¾” Electric Actuation 175 EA
1 ¾” Pneumatic Actuation 175 PA
2” Manual Cable 200 MC
2” Electric Actuation 200 EA
2” Pneumatic Actuation 200 PA
2 ¼” Manual Cable 225 MC
2 ¼” Electric Actuation 225 EA
2 ¼” Pneumatic Actuation 225 PA
2 ½” Manual Cable 250 MC
2 ½” Electric Actuation 250 EA
2 ½” Pneumatic Actuation 250 PA

Valves under 3” are considered “small valves” and operate using a spring-loaded shaft. When the valve is placed in the open position, the spring is tensioned to about 24 lbs. of pressure. A detent pin resides in a groove in the handle. When that pin is pulled, the shaft rotates 90 degrees, closing the valve and keeps it closed with about 10 lbs. - 12 lbs of pressure. Because the shaft is centered in the valve, any engine backfire would create equal pressure on the butterfly flap while the constant tension on the spring keeps the valve in the closed position.

These valves use a “reset” handle and all must be manually reset to the open position.

SizeTypeModel Number
3” Manual Cable 300 MC
3” Electric Actuation 300 EA
3” Pneumatic Actuation 300 PA
4” Manual Cable 400 MC
4” Electric Actuation 400 EA
4” Pneumatic Actuation 400 PA
5” Manual Cable 500 MC
5” Electric Actuation 500 EA
5” Pneumatic Actuation 500 PA

The ESD Valves 3” and larger use a lever in place of the manual handle. This lever is attached to either a cable, an electric actuator or a pneumatic actuator. Similar to the smaller valves, the larger valves start in the open position but are held open using power. When power is cut, a combination of the spring and the actuator close the valve until power is restored. When power is engaged, the valve opens automatically.

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ESD Valve 3D Model

There are many features about ESD Valves that can be customized. We machine each valve from billet aluminum in our Mori Seiki 9 axis machines to make changes quickly and easily.

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Customize Your ESD Valve

There are many features about the ESD Valves that can be customized. Because we machine each valve from billet aluminum in our Mori Seiki 9 axis machines, we can make changes quickly and easily. Tell us what you’d like and we’ll make it. ESD thinks it’s time you get the design you want instead of what other manufacturers want to sell you.

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